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  painting of jellyfish  
Jellyfish (reserved)
painting of palace of culture pałac kultyry Warsaw Warszawa painting of a moth painting of Gdansk cranes
Palace (reserved)
You're Beautiful (reserved)
Cranes (reserved)
painting of a snail and a cherry painting of thunder painting of a spider web
Snail and a Cherry (reserved)
Thunder (reserved)
Indian Summer (reserved)
painting of thistle

painting of a fly


painting of a nettle bush
Thistle and weeds (reserved)
Thou Shalt not Kill (reserved)
Nettle (reserved)
painting of a clematis flower painting of poppies meadow
Sari malunek konia sprzedany
Meadow (reserved)
painting of a storm Painting of a juwel bug painting of a storm
Passing Storm (reserved)
Jewel (reserved)
Tempest malunek konia sprzedany
Gdansk cranes Sopot molo pier Gdansk crane zuraw
Gdansk Cranes 1 malunek konia sprzedany
Sopot Pier - Easter 2017 Sunrise
Gdansk Cranes 2 (reserved)
mountain landscape painting of birds over abstract landscape painting of waterlilies
I Saw Lights in the Valley and Snow on Top of the Mountains (reserved)
Garden Pond malunek konia sprzedany
abstract landscape painting of a storm painting of birch trees
Dreamy landscape malunek konia sprzedany
Storm in Warmia malunek konia sprzedany
Birch Trees
painting of a tree stained glass effect painting painting of grass
Secret Hideway malunek konia sprzedany
Paradise Garden malunek konia sprzedany
Carnival of Grass malunek konia sprzedany
miniature wall graffitti painting of a refinery screenprint of electric poles
You're Beautiful (miniature wall) (reserved)
Temple (reserved)
Electric Avenue (triptych) (reserved)


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