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Mariusz Kaldowski Chipin project

Frederic Chipin portrait by Mariusz Kaldowski full tryptich
Frederic Chopin tryptich
portrait of Frederic Chopin by Mariusz Kaldowski
Frederic Chopin portrait - central part
Frederic Chopin portrait inspirations MP4 click here to view Paintings Brushed with Chopin video recording with Piotr Paleczny on the piano>>>
Frederic Chopin painting
Frederic Chopin and the artist

The painting "The Shades of Music" was shown on stage during recitals by prominent pianists, including Piotr Paleczny, Kevin Kenner and Rafal Blechacz. It has been exhibited in Poland on a number of occasions, during major events including Chopin Festival in Duszniki, as well as Munich, Paris, Berlin and Pampeluna (Spain). It can viewed regularly in Chopin's museum in Szafarnia.

frederic chopin chopin chopin
In Szafarnia after the concert with Mr & Mrs Paleczny and my agent Gabriela Ulanowska
With Piotr Paleczny
At Artus Court
chopin chopin chopin
painting stages (1)
painting stages (2)
painting stages (3)

The Shades of Music’ project, which was created for the Year of Frederic Chopin, is an attempt to illustrate a painter’s vision of the composer’s music.  The artist is Mariusz Kaldowski.  Cultivated from the enthralment with Chopin’s genius the artwork was painted with the aid of the sounds of the piano concerto in E minor, which reverberated onto the canvas creating a vivid narrative about Chopin’s love, the émigré’s sorrow, the longing for his homeland, the beauty of Polish landscape blended with painter’s own childhood memories.

With the Chopin’s portrait as a young man in its centre, the triptych was created.  His face forms a link between the other elements of the painting, which represent distinct worlds.    The left depicts a Polish landscape, exploiting ever so familiar and symbolic willow trees.  Though it is not a tranquil scenery, it is startlingly dramatic and full of disquiet.  Frederic’s face looks to the right, signifying the future pictured on the third canvas.  The future of disillusions about happiness is represented in a metaphysical photographic negative of the spilled out colours from nonetheless a good past painted on the left.

The eyes, however, are the focal point of the picture which recounts the man and his music. Chopin watches his audience and quietly observes the life that goes by.  The past flows into the present and rushes into the future.  From the memoirs written in the compositor’s notes, and from the artist’s colourful reflections expressed on canvas, grew a multi-media spectacle of sorts, a blend of music and fine art - ‘The Shades of MusicPaintings Brushed with Chopin’, making it possible to both hear and see the music.

Gabriela Ulanowska 

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