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Mariusz started working with the National Trust in 2009 as their resident artist for the South East region, and has been painting landscapes and gardens from these properties. He exhibited at Nyman's Gardens, Ightham Mote, Quebec House, Clandon Park, Hatchlands Park, Knole House and Chartwell.
sprzedany obraz żaby = SOLD/sprzedane
  painting of secret garden entrance painting of flower border
Passage to Light, Nymans (61x91cm) sprzedany obraz żaby
Floral Corner, Quebec House(80x80cm) sprzedany obraz żaby
painting of wisteria painting of Sissinghurst Towers painting of autumn tree
Wisteria at Nymans (90x80cm)
Sissinghurst Towers (80x100cm)
Autumn Tree, Winkworth(90x110cm)
The Old Vegetable Garden, Ightham Motedroga leśna sprzedany
Sunrise, Ightham Mote
Sweet Meadow, Nymanssłońce jesienne sprzedany
Walking Between Autumn Oaks, Claremont
Winter Woodland, Ightham Motesprzedany obraz kota
Golden Evening, Nymans
Mid-Summer, Polesden Lacy
Camelias, Emmetts słońce jesienne sprzedany
Ramblings, Nymans
Autumn Walk, Nymansdroga leśna sprzedany
Roses around the Door, Smallhythe
Fairytale Light, Nymans
Summer Drift, Nymans
Sweetness, Nymans
Summer Vases, Sissinghurstdroga leśna sprzedany
Summer Courtyard, Ightham Mote
Summer Shadows, Sissinghurstdroga leśna sprzedany
Summer Evening, Nymansdroga leśna sprzedany
Spring Pergola, Nymans
Rose Garden, Nymansdroga leśna sprzedany
Lavender Colonnade, Uppark
Sunset, Ightham Motedroga leśna sprzedany
Rose Garden, Nymans słońce jesienne sprzedany
Summer Woodland, Ightham Mote drzewo obraz sprzedany
Old Gate, Nymans
Cadenza, Hatchlandsdroga leśna sprzedany
Boat House, Winkworth
Transluscent Shelter, Nymansdroga leśna sprzedany
Canopy, Nymans słońce jesienne sprzedany
A Place to Meander, Scotney
Beyond, Nymans
Early Evening Mist, Bodiamdroga leśna sprzedany
Magical Window, Uppark
Fantasia, Nymans
Joi de Vivre, Nymans
Wooden Bridge, Ightham Mote
Autumnal Vista, Claremontdroga leśna sprzedany
Winter Avenue, Knole
Summer Roses, Nymansdroga leśna sprzedany
Summer's Day, Knole
Morning Reflection, Winkworthdroga leśna sprzedany
Golden Moments, Ightham Motedroga leśna sprzedany
For a number of years now I have been painting some of the most beautiful places in England and Wales. Between 2002 and 2013 I had been Artist in Residence at Regent's Park in London. I have also been commissioned by the Gallery and Art Centre, Plas Glyn-Y-Weddow in Pwllheli to paint North Wales' gardens.
From 2007, as a result of moving to Kent, I started visiting The National Trust properties in the South-East, the splendour of these historical buildings and their gardens prompted me to paint these wonderful historical gems. I considered that it would be a fine challenge to create a comprehensive portfolio and, in collaboration with the National Trust, my dream came true. This is how the idea of painting 11 National Trust properties in the South East came to fruition.
Every new encounter with a different National Trust property or garden was full of excitement and revelation. Their magnificence and inspiration was amazing. These gardens can forever be painted with the constantly changing light and seasons bringing out so many different images.
I tried to be as true as I possibly could to the objects and places, making them recognisable whilst at the same time not losing the mysterious beauty of nature that surrounded them, captured in particular moments in time.
It was one of my most pleasing life experiences. I visited these magnificent places, where I made my sketches and photos, along with retaining pictures in my head which later were captured on canvas. This is how I usually work and I find it best reflects my own experience and the emotion felt on first encountering the scenery.
I still marvel that one can simply divert from the main road every few miles or so, find such beautiful places, and all so well cared for. I could continue this adventure for years to come as each time I finish painting one picture I can see another. These places are so inspiring - they are an infinitive source of narrative about history, flowers, trees and shadows.
To me this is a miracle of nature combined with the past, tradition, passion and hard work of all the people that take time to care for every single and smallest part, which make it so much more enjoyable to paint. I am grateful to everyone who has created and preserved such amazing inspirational places.
For this exhibition I have captured my experience on 40 canvases, though I still hope to do more.. I will present them at an Exhibition at Clandon Park. All the pictures are recent - I started painting them in May 2009. This selection is meant to be a post-card from the The National Trust, South East showing the splendour of its properties.
Mariusz Kaldowski
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